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Imliwala is committed to provide organic healthy dry fruits and spices. We are one of the leading suppliers of dry fruits and spices since 1727. Our store is located in Badi-Choper market, serving our clients the best dry fruits and spices in Jaipur.
Dry Fruits have been a part of our diet and our culture since times immemorial. Along with the umpteen health benefits that they offer, dry fruits are also an excellent source of vital nutrients and healthy oils that help in reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

A long shelf life, ease of storage and transportation make them an inherent part of every dietary recommendation. Associated Food stores offers a wide selection of top quality exclusive brands that can only be found at our stores. These brands offer the same great quality and price as their national brand equivalent. With over 4,000 items, these brands stretch across the entire store from grocery and frozen to natural and organic .

Indian food is bold, flavorful, and complex. With vibrant colors, fragrant aromas, and a mixture of spicy, sweet flavors. We at Imliwala pride ourselves in supplying the best spices and dried fruit in pan India. We supply spices and dried fruit to the Hotels, Restaurants, Cafe’s and to the general public.
Indian cooks are known to blend their own curry powders from Imliwala using family recipes passed down from generation to generation. Whether you want to create your own or use our fragrant curry blends, we offer the freshest spices for the most flavorful food.